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Watch ownership in the UK is traditionally a monogamous act; one timepiece is sufficient until the next one comes along. In comparison our European cousins think nothing of having several pieces on the go.

Unless you are a keen collector, there is no need to fill up your house; however it is 's wish to guide you towards your perfect wrist watch by offering fantastic bargains. is an independent company with the pride to provide impartial advice. With many years experience in the watch industry, we often offer exclusive timepieces and brand names that are, or will become collector's items. Selling via the internet allows us to keep our prices as low as possible and we feel we can confidently say our prices are the best on the market. The majority of our watches are brand new and have never been worn. Most of the brands on offer carry a 24 months warranty. Anything different will be outlined in the description. Rest assured that all of our watches are 100% genuine articles and thanks to fast Internet banking and next day delivery, any watch can be yours within 24 hours.

Feel free to e-mail us at any time should you have any questions. Thank you for looking at our site and happy shopping.

Watches and Why We Love Them

Watch (n) - A small timepiece carried in the pocket or worn on the wrist

It is uncertain when and who invented the first wristwatch, but the earliest mention of a  wrist watch, having being made by a David Rosseau, goes back to the late 1600. The oldest, still trading, watch manufacturer in the world is Vacheron & Constantin; it was founded in 1755. Nowadays there are hundreds of different watchmakers and thousands of watch models in the world. Retail prices go from as little as £1.99 to a staggering £9,000.000. Most of us, though, will be proud enough to possess a watch which retails at between £500 and £10,000.

Is it the price or the make that makes a watch a state symbol? Not sure, but truth is we all like to "flash" something elegant, unique and expensive. That is why there is such a big market of fake watches. One can buy Rolex or Cartier copies for as little as $15.00. Why would people wear them? Simply to show that 'they have made it' and even to pretend is good enough. Has anyone seen a fake Sekonda watch? There simply would not be a market for them.

A beautiful watch will complement our personal sense of elegance and class. In this way we are all, very much so, individuals. A lot of us would like to wear and show a Rolex or a Cartier on our wrist mainly because the name, design and shape are well recognised and we want to be recognised. Others may go for makes not so commercially well known,  but of the same quality and the same value.

Most of us go for well-designed and often expensive luxuries. If all of us could afford it we all would have £10,000 flat screen televisions, £3,000 cameras, £2,000 stereos, and the latest most sporty £40,000 car. And yes, many of us can afford it, and this is why there are so many extravagant items on the market.

Why do I love watches? Because I am fascinated by their design and elegance. The fact that, unfortunately, they do not come cheap is another story.

I take my time to read and understand watches and makes. It is this acquired knowledge that I would like to share with you.