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To use some of the services or features made available to you on our Watchintime.com site, you will need to register. We may change registration requirements from time to time. When you register, you are required to provide information about yourself that is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects. Should any of your registration information change, please notify us immediately at the following e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots

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Should you know how many carats your gold is, please enter the weights and quantities of your items into the boxes below. If you don’t have the means of weighing your items or are not certain that the weights are accurate, please take your items to a local jeweller to get accurate weights and, if you need to, carats too. We could also advise using kitchen scales but some may not give weight in grams. We do not accept Post Office receipt as proof of weight.


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We will send you an email querying the discrepancy.

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Please select how you would like to be paid for your items.

If you select "Faster Payment" but your bank doesn't accept Faster Payments, we will send your payment using the standard BACS service which might take up to three working days to reach you. Otherwise, Faster Payments should reach your account within two hours of sending. We'll send you an email to confirm when payment has been made to you.


Please make sure these details are correct as your payment relies on this data. If you choose to be paid by bank transfer and the bank details you supply are incorrect, and we cannot make contact with you on the day of receipt then your payment will be made in the form of a cheque made payable to the name supplied on your entry.

Your information is stored securely and is only retained on our system until the payment has been made to you.

Watchintime.com cannot be held responsible for inaccurate (bank details or else) information provided. Should you decide not to take our offer, items will be returned to you but a charge of £9.45 is applicable. Such payment will be due before the item(s) will be returned.

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Non-gold items

Non-gold items – Please select what action you would like us to take regarding all non gold parts/objects that may be part of the item(s) you have sent to us. The cost of returning these to you will be £9.45 (insured postage).

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