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Poor standards in watch magazines

Many of us have hobbies often requiring a fair amount of research and if we have an enthusiastic attitude we will probably end up buying and collecting magazines on our beloved subject.

Would that be motorbikes, cars, cameras, guns, hi-fi or even body building drugs, we often carry out our research in a selective manner.  These magazines will tell us about the good and the bad, the latest product, the cheap and the expensive and sometimes the product with faults too.

What about the watch industry?  We have had the opportunity to see German, American, Italian, Chinese and English formats, all similar to each other. Clones of each other, they are all, in fact, rather boring.

When was the last time that you saw a watch magazine “testing”, really testing a watch, piece by piece? We are often spending a fair amount of money on a watch but have no idea what there is behind it. It is all made of steel, it has a sapphire crystal, it has an automatic movement, it is 200m or 300m water resistant but why should one cost £300 and the other £3000? Are we just paying for the brand name? Is there a substantial difference in the quality between the £300 and the £3000 watches?

In so many years not once  I have seen any watch magazine coming up with negative evaluations. Watch magazines seem to be just like those glossy magazines that carry pictures of naked women. We just buy the watch magazines to look at the pictures as text is often boring and meaningless.

The most upsetting part is that we are led to believe that the X watch is really good. Good on the basis of what? On the basis that X company has paid the magazine for a page advertisement and the editor, as a thank you gesture, has decided to make an article about it.

We must admit that of 5000 brands out there, many are most definitely not worth even mentioning. One could, in fact, narrow down the market to probably 700 to 800 good watch brands. Having said so, it is amazing that no more than 60 brands will appear on many watch magazines. Where is the choice for the consumer? What about the interesting news and latest developments that are presented in the other publications?

We all have a watch, most probably we have more watches than cameras, for example. Nevertheless, top of my head, there must be 5+ magazines on cameras giving us so much information that will make our mind boggle. From digital to SLR, from pieces costing as little as £15 (or even less) to those valued at several thousand of pounds. Whatever our tastes and pockets, the information is there.

Watches, from as little as £15 (or even less) to several thousand of pounds are presented to us in only two, almost, national magazines of, in my opinion, very poor quality and all rather boring. An interesting point is sometimes presented to us by self-acclaimed experts that display their findings in articles printed in newspapers and magazines of all sorts. Their points hardly demonstrated with verifiable facts or a good knowledge of the product or the industry.

Basically, despite the wide choice of watches , we are still surrounded by inadequate and contradicting information and no one, out there, is even remotely interested in involving the audience with constructive and challenging articles.