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Our Favourite Links ( Our Favourite Links )
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# Web Link
21   Link   Amazon.co.uk
22   Link   PayPal.co.uk
As from October 2013 we accept direct payments via PayPal
23   Link   Clogau
24   Link   Bremont Watches
UK based watch manufacturer since 2004
25   Link   Timemerchants USA
26   Link   Instabuilder
Marketing for the Internet
27   Link   eBay
eBay UK sells CX Swiss Military watches
28   Link   Facebook
Watchintime (Watches R Us) is on line for discussions on Facebook
29   Link   Grapeshot
UK based - Grapeshot crawler, automated robot that examine and analyse web content
30   Link   Lycos
Another favourite search engine
31   Link   Goldsmiths
One of many retailers with "boring" products
32   Link   Argos
Keep an eye on this retailer as, sometimes, they provide excellent offers.
33   Link   Jomashop
Luxury goods in USA at discounted prices.
34   Link   Ask
General Search engine
35   Link   TUMBLR
Over 62 billion posts...
36   Link   Photobucket
Many CX Swiss Military high resolution pictures can be found here
37   Link   IMBD
All about films
38   Link   WAYBACK
Wayback Machine. Internet Archives
39   Link   MPSYM
Consumers are human beings, and human beings are innately influenced by their emotions and their psychological makeups. The psychology and philosophy of branding, marketing, needs, and actions are intrinsically linked. Ignore consumer psychology, and your results will be limited. For this reason the importance of the 4Ps of marketing should be are extended to philosophy, personality, people, performance, perception and positioning.
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