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FAQ - Jewellery

How long have you been in the Jewellery Industry for?
Since 1989 we have been dealing with a number of reliable and professional jewellery manufacturers here in the UK and abroad.
Why are you cheaper than my local jewellery store and other online retailers?
We source precious metals and stones directly from the manufacturers. We only order on demand and we do not have the overheads that some stores or online sellers have. We pass our savings (lower costs) to our customers.
Where do you buy your diamonds from? Are they conflict free?
All diamonds purchased by us come from reputable sources/agents.
Where are you based & what are your opening hours?
As an Internet company we work from cyber-space and don’t have a shop as such. However, we can gladly meet our clients in London should they prefer a face-to-face contact. We will often choose a jewellery shop to meet clients.
What is the best form of Contact?
We prefer email. All details are written down and there is little room for misunderstandings.
How can you achieve many kinds of designs at the lowest costs?
All jewellery made by us is custom made and hand made. You can pick a design and we will make it for you.