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Even shit can shine!

We have recently received a few email from prospective customers containing mixed feelings about some brands.

To say it, straight to the point: "even shit, with the right money, investment and marketing, can shine".

Looking straight at the sun can make us blind and it seems that a number of brands shine so much of past glory that anything said, written and told about them is just taken as gospel. No one really cares to go beyond a name and find out what really goes on.

Several watch manufacturing companies went out of business during the last century but this has not stopped millionaires launching into the new millennium the same brand names but with cheap manufacturing from the Far East.

These companies play on the public ignorance. Why should a defunct 115 years old American watch company have now <Swiss made> on their watches? Are they American or Swiss? It is almost like buying Pannasonic video cameras only realising that who made them have got the wrong spelling.

With money (investment) we are led to believe that the original name/brand has been going for centuries and nothing really changed in the Swiss Jura Mountains and old craftsmanship is till alive and well.

And this is why a watch that is hardly worth over £200 is actually sold for over £3000.

The list of such brands is actually scary long. Should 115 years old not sound old enough, there is a brand that "claims" to be almost 300 years old. Also defunct for a few decades at the end of the last century, the launch of this brand was done almost globally a few years ago registering names and web sites in many countries, at the same time.

Unfortunately, magazines, official watch sites and forums have been bought off by many brands of watches and they will tell you what these same famous watch brands want you to know and how good these same brands are.

Very simple advice - before partying with over £2000 for any brand name, do some serious research (or ask us for advice) and don't trust what you read in glossy magazines or, so called, official sites.